Wareru, King

   (r. 1287-1296)
   Though probably Tai, Wareru founded a powerful Mon dynasty in Lower Burma. He was an officer at the court of the king of Sukhothai, in what is now Thailand, who allegedly eloped with the king's daughter to Martaban (Mottama) in 1280-1281, where he helped Mon rebels expel the Burmans (Bamars) from the region. Killing his principal Mon ally and establishing himself as an independent ruler with Martaban as his capital (it was later moved to Hanthawaddy), he is renowned for having sponsored the compiling of Burma's first Dhammathat, or law code. His descendants, Razadarit (r. 1385-1423), Shinsawbu (r. 1453-72), and Dhammazedi (r. 1472-92), presided over a Mon golden age, but the last ruler of Wareru's line, Takayutpi, was overthrown by Tabinshwehti in 1539.
   See also Toungoo Dynasty.

Historical Dictionary of Burma (Myanmar). . 2014.

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